The PARENT project operates across three European cities, linking up Amsterdam, Bergen and Brussels (Forest and Watermael-Boitsfort). In each of these cities, we work with local authorities and citizens to build communities that then collectively seek to reduce household electricity consumption through use of an energy monitor, knowledge exchange and gamification (engagement) techniques.

In the PARENT project, we opted to use the Smappee energy monitor. Based on technology acceptance and behavioral change literature, we knew in advance that we would need to embed the energy monitor in an information-rich, community-centred and nudging environment. With that in mind, in addition to the technology, project participants

  • receive practical tips on energy reduction and sustainable living, and recommendations on relevant upcoming events in their neighbourhoods;
  • take part in community exchanges through local workshops, co-organised with government organisations;
  • compare their consumption and performance with similar households and compete in challenges through an online platform.
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