We interact with our pilot participants through workshops, Facebook and events.
Workshops. We organise workshops with participants to allow them to share experiences with each other and to raise awareness of closely related organisations. Even though only core participants tend to attend these “offline” moments, they are important to touch base with the participants and reinforce awareness that we seek to root this project in the local community. In this context, for instance, we co-organised two workshops in March 2018 with Homegrade, a non-profit providing energy advice in Brussels.
Facebook group. We created a Facebook group for participants to be able to communicate directly with each other and to have the chance to learn from and give to the community of people who share some of the same goals, such as household electricity reduction, sustainability and participation in community-based projects. 
Events. We participate in events related to energy reduction and sustainable lifestyles in order to promote the PARENT project, network and share our knowledge with others.