APERe is a non-profit organization that supports citizens and communities in their efforts toward 100% renewable, sustainable, and inclusive energy. APERe offers support to apartment tenants/owners wishing to install solar panels. They also provide facts and figures on efficient energy use.

Key initiatives

For tenants and owners of apartments in Brussels, APERe provides information on converting to photovoltaic energy. APERe conducts feasibility studies for the installation of solar panels and supports clients in the process of securing installation from suppliers. You can use APERe’s photovoltaic financial simulator to learn about potential financial profitability with installation. See more. 

APERe aims to freely share information that provides people with an understanding of what, how, and why sustainable, renewable energy should be used. ABC of Sustainable Energy is an educational tool that can be used to learn about various types of renewable energy and find resources in Belgium. See more. 


Address: Rue Fernand Bernier 15, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Website: APERe
Facebook: @APERe-asbl
Twitter: @APERe-asbl