Brugel ensures that consumers and producers have an efficient, accessible, and reliable distribution network within the Brussels gas and electricity markets. Brugel aims to promote sustainable development of regional gas and electricity distribution by evaluating the efficiency of measures such as the smart grid and smart metering. You can access Brugel’s online database to check if an electricity supply may or may not be “green,” and use a simulator to compare prices of electricity and gas suppliers. 

Key initiatives

Brugel provides a quick, accessible way to discover if your electricity is produced from renewable energy sources in the Brussels Region. You can simply provide your EAN code(s) and Greencheck will discover if you use verified, green energy. See more. 

Brugel’s BRUSIM is a simulator intended for use by low-voltage electricity users and small/medium-sized businesses. It retrieves data from gas and/or electricity providers so people may discover if they can/should switch energy suppliers to reduce cost and increase their use of green energy. See more. 


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