Brusol is an project develped by the ISO-certified company EnergyVision, which builds industrial solar panels in Belgium. Brusol was developed to provide Brussels residents with green solar energy for free, in an effort to meet the 2020 climate targets. In order to provide free solar panels to all residents who wish to have them, Brusol has worked with Brugel and the Brussels-Capital Region to gain compensation from green energy certificates. Brusol also contributes to EnergyVision’s “SolarClick” program. With the support of Bruxelles Environnement, Sibelga, and the Brussels-Capital Region, Brusol is building “50 of the 150 projects” for the SolarClick 2020 goal. EnergyVision has installed 370,000 solar panels, and continues to provide renewable solar energy to Brussels inhabitatnts today. 

Key initiatives

Brusol installs free solar panels for residents of the Brussels-Capital Region. With Brusol’s services, residents can “save more than €723 on their energy bills every year”. Brusol uses expert analysis to examine your roof based on satellite images, discover your annual savings, and provide you with a detailed proposal of your free solar panel installation. The solar panel installation is insured for 10 years with regular maintenance and monitoring by Brusol. You can register for free roof examination online, after which you can schedule an appointment.  See more. 


Address: Rue de Loyauté 34, 1090 Jette