Formation pour Adultes (CAFA) aims to “remedy the financial problems of the over-indebted public”, reintegrate people into the socioprofessional sphere, improve access to quality housing, and improve “contractual relations linked to the lease, rational management of energy, maintenance, and renovation of buildings”. CAFA constantly engages with the legal and institutional dimensions of the public’s needs and desires in order to best serve the inhabitants of Saint-Gilles. In the energy sector, CAFA can help people interested in urban planning to navigate permit applications and various regulations. The organization also provides people with information about how to reduce energy use in the home. Finally, CAFA supports vulnerable populations who may have unpaid housing bills.

Key initiatives

Within the jurisdiction of a contrat de quartier durable, or sustainable energy contract, CAFA provides individuals with access to an architect who will support inhabitants with urban planning. If you are located in Saint-Gilles and need support, you can make an appointment with a CAFA expert. CAFA’s renovation and energy department also provides energy audits of people’s homes. The energy audits are conducted by CAFA experts and can determine how clients can optimize work on the home while saving energy and money. See more. 

CAFA provides Saint-Gilles inhabitants with up to date news regarding topics such as housing, energy, employment and more. Every month, CAFA publishes “Conseil Énergie” or energy advice which addresses how homeowners can reduce energy use. Monthly energy advice is also given in the form of events, where people can further learn and ask questions about energy saving tips. See more. 

CAFA aims to protect the rights of citizens to accessible, fair housing. They hope to convey to the public information regarding their rights when it comes to incidents such as energy cut-offs and unpaid invoices. The debt mediators at CAFA help Saint-Gilles inhabitants to manage budgets, make playment plans, and manage repayments. See more. 


Address: Rue du Fort 25, 1060 Saint-Gilles