Welcome to PARENT Brussels


Do you know how much electricity your household consumes? Are you interested in decreasing it?


Step 1

Sign up and provide us with basic information on your current household and energy consumption. We will offer you an energy monitor and access to the participatory platform.


Step 2

Use the energy monitor and platform. Receive tailored information on your consumption and tips on how to save energy. Compare your performance with others in Brussels. Electricity savings will become easy and fun!



Step 3

Join our PARENT workshops in Brussels. Provide feedback and help us improve the platform. Meet other participants to share experiences and learn from experts about electricity savings.



Step 4

Your ideas and experiences will allow us to make recommendations. We will compare learning outcomes with the other participating cities and provide policymakers at the local and European levels with suggestions for making energy saving part of everyday life.


Why participate?

  • Receive tips on how to save energy
  • Compare your electricity consumption with other households
  • Build closer bonds with your neighbours