The aim of City Mine(d) “is to make urban development everyone’s business.” The non-profit organization uses a 4-stage method to develop prototypes. This procedure includes stakeholders, visioning, process, and multiply. City Mine(d) begins with the “stakeholder” method of mapping out the issue from which a purpose of the project becomes clear. “Visioning” occurs when the “conceptual preparation is translated into a physical object or real organization,” after which feasability can be studied. The “process” stage involves the building of the prototype, and finally within the “multiply” stage, the prototype is used and studied to inform citizens, organizations, etc. about the protype’s impact. City Mine(d) projects have focused on topics such as electicity, biodiversity, “socio-spatial segregation” and more.

Key initiatives

Citizens Take Power, or La Pile, is a project developed by City Mine(d) which seeks to understand how citizens and various community groups “take power into their own hands”. The project has engaged key actors and analyzed inspiring initiatives to understand how people are currently engaging with the energy landscape in Brussels. City Mine(d) has formed a coalition with individuals who have experience and expertise in the field of electricity use, with whom they will design a prototype that the neighborhood of Saint-Gilles may build and test. If you wish to learn more about this project and how people may wish to invest in shared power rather than personal power, you can visit City Mine(d)’s “Citizens Take Power” project page. See more. 


Address: Rue Emile Ferron 106, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Website: CityMine(d)
Facebook: @CityMine(d)