The Collectif Solidarity contre l’Exclusion is a non-profit organization that brings citizens, associations, and unions together to prevent exclusion in society. It frequently publishes a newspaper with updates on how people can advocate for the security of fundamental human rights. The Collectif Solidarité contre l’Exclusion partnered with Bruxelles Environnement to create Infor Gaz Elec, an organization that provides information on the right to energy.

Key initiatives

The Centre Infor Gaz Elec or CIGE, provides individuals with information about how to choose energy suppliers and how to ensure ones right to energy. CIGE offers a comparison tool which can be used for viewing current and potential energy suppliers. People can also make appointments with CIGE to discuss consumer measures, access to energy, and energy contracts. See more.   


Address: Chaussée de Haecht 51, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode