Connivence is a non-profit that works to “improve the state of housing” and ensure affordable housing for residents in Brussels. The organization focuses its efforts on technical support, renovation advice, and the implementation of neighborhood contracts via “participation of residents in collective projects.” Convivence provides support to both tenents and owners, with focus on consultancy and renovation. Connivence is a member organization of Réseau Habitat. 

Key initiatives

In support of energy efficiency, Convivence supports tenants with their Energy Advice. This advice helps tenants to understand how they are charged according to consumption. It also develops projects such as energy social guidelines and simpified audits. See more. 

Convivence provides energy consulting to homeowners. This consulting relies on the advice of technical advisors who can inform individuals of energy saving work regarding heating and insulation. Convivence has also created the “NRJ Heating Pack Project” which “aims to improve the efficiency of existing heating installations.” See more. 


Address: Rue des Six Jetons 56-58, 1000 Bruxelles-Ville