Coordination Environnement (COREN) is a non-profit that works to bring citizens solutions for environmental challenges such as providing training on topics like the rational use of energy and sorting waste. It hopes to advance environmental policy that is based on commitments such as compiance with laws and regulations, prevention of environmental problems, and training of all staff members. Specifically COREN’s action plan aims to reduce energy and water consumption by implementing management procedures and developing quantified indicators. People interested in energy regulations, local events about sustainable initiatives, and more can visit their website and learn how to equip themselves and create change.

Key initiatives

COREN has access to a tool which can be used to educate people about the effort required to produce small amounts of electricity. The human power generator provides the option of using pedals for the hands or feet, to produce electricity. The tool allows users to operate lightbulbs of different power. The work that must be done to produce 3 versus 50 watts of energy is an educational experience for the learner. See more.

COREN works in support of the Eco-Schools program created by the Foundation for Environmental Education in order to advance students’ knowledge about approaches to environmentally sustainable practices. COREN provides the Eco-Schools project to interested schools in the Brussels region (nursery through secondary school). Eco-Schools provides participants with “a 7-step methodology for implementing a sustainable project” that may address themes such as reduced energy consumption, waste reduction, and more. See more. 

COREN provides schools in the Brussels region with a free intervention to improve environmental management. Interested schools can have COREN conduct a participatory audit with students on themes such as energy consumption, sustainable food, biodiversity, etc. COREN also provides pedagogical days (training an eco-team), workshops, and animations on various themes. See more. 


Address: Rue van Elewyck 35 B, 1050 Ixelles