The mission of Écoconso,a non-profit, is to encourage behavior and consumption that is compatible with respect and protection of natural resources. Écoconso aims to make information regarding “eco-consumption” available to the public, promote structural change in communities, and offer support services to people interested in eco-consumption. A key theme of Écoconso is that of energy and climate. This section of Écoconso’s webpage provides various articles which discuss energy efficiency and renewable energy. Écoconso also provides publications and animations on the subject of reducing energy which are freely available.

Key initiatives

On behalf of Brussels Environment, Écoconso worked in collaboration with 21 Solutions to create free energy workshops on topics such as “heating, electricity, transportation, cooking” and more. Écoconso holds events for private and public organiazations or citizen groups in Brussels. These events use the workshops in conjunction with interactive activities which makes participants confront their energy using habits. In order to learn more about how you can save energy in your home, you may consider Écoconso’s energy animations. See more.  

As a result of Écoconso’s 2014 campaign on renovation, the organization developed tools that can be used by individuals who may be renovating their home and wish to save energy. Tools include brochures, tip sheets, and more.


Address: Mundo-Namur, Rue Nanon 98, 5000 Namur