Energiris is a citizen cooperative in Brussels that aims to invest in sustainable energy. Energiris believes that it is both “necessary and profitable to invest in the energy transition”, as Brussels holds potential for various renewable energies. You can become a cooperative actor with Energiris, therefore accelerating the energy transition, choosing projects to fund, and receiving a target return of up to 6% dividends. The hundreds of cooperative actors at Energiris have funded many projects, of which 1534 households are now energy neutral.

Key initiatives

The community at Energiris promotes a sustainable energy transition by means of cooperative investment. With the purchase of a 250 € share, you contribute to reducing energy consumption and increasing the production of renewable energies, and receive dividends over a period of three years. Serving as an Energiris cooperative actor allows you to promote renovation projects of Brussels apartments, schools, and other buildings. The renovation projects at Energeris aim to make buildings energy neutral, and do so by installing efficient boiler rooms, solar panels, and more. See more. 


Address: Boulevard Saint-Michel 75, 1040 Etterbeek
Website: energiris.coop
Facebook: @energiris