The Fédération des Services Sociaux (FdSS), in collaboration with the Fédération des Services Sociaux Bicommunautaires (FdSSB), governs social services of Brussels and Wallonia. The organization fights against poverty and social exclusion in these regions. Its work on energy is aimed at social workers who lack access to tools and mechanisms to monitor sustainable energy use. Social workers can visit the SocialEnergie Support Center to understand energy problems their clients may be facing.

Key initiatives

The SocialEnergie Support Center provides social workers of Brussels with access to various documents, fact-sheets, diagrams, contracts and more in order to improve their ability to support clients’ energy performance and compliance with PEB regulations. Compliance with PEB regulations ensures the “sustainable use of energy for homes and other buildings”. You can access the SocialEnergie Support Center online, or contact the hotline (02 526 03 00) to talk to an advisor between the hours of 9h30 to 16h30, Monday to Friday. 

Collaborately created by the SocialEnergie Support Center, Empreintes (a non-profit organization) and the Wallonia energy support center, is the educational tool, Energic’à brac. This physical game allows professionals in the social sector to better visualize the flow of energy in the gas and electricity market, as well as understand the role of various stakeholders. Energic’à brac can be ordered online to provide game participants with the knowledge of how/who to contact to ensure efficient, sustainable energy use. See more. 


Address: Rue Gheude 49, 1070 Anderlecht
Facebook: @FdSS
Twitter: @FdSS