Greenpeace is a non-profit organization that campaigns for positive environmental change. Greenpeace hopes to create fundamental change in order to protect climate and life on earth. It leverages the interests of supporters and environmental activists in order to stop harm to the environment and hold business and government accountable. You can act with Greenpeace by volunteering, donating, and attending various events and workshops on topics that range from agriculture to energy.

Key initiatives

Greenpeace recognizes that inefficient energy use is harmful to the environment, thus they provide the community with information as to how people may switch to green electricity. You can read the articles written by Greenpeace to understand why green electricity is important and how you can invest in renewable sources of energy. Also, you can view Greenpeace’s rankings of 20 electricity suppliers in Belgium to reduce your ecological footprint and lower cost. See more. 


Address: Chaussée de Haecht 159, 1030 Schaerbeek
Website: greenpeace.belgium
Facebook: @greenpeace.belgium
Twitter: @greenpeace.belgium