Homegrade offers free information on topics such as energy, renovation, urban planning, heritage, acoustics and sustainable buildings. It is aimed at families, tenants and owners who want to improve the quality of their home. You can visit their website or drop by their information point to pick up informational brochures, ask for advice and also book a visit to your home to receive tailored advice. Upon request, they organize workshops to highlight their available services as well.

Key initiatives

Homegrade provides practical tips on changing our practices to reduce energy consumption in the home, and offers professional guidance in making sustainable choices while renovating. Their brochures are available on their website and in their information point. See more. 

Whether you rent or own, Homegrade visits your home to offer tailored advice on how to reduce energy consumption. They offer three free interventions (e.g. install reflective foil behind the radiators). See more. 

At large events (or upon request), Homegrade organizes public workshops on energy reduction in the home.


Address: Place Quetelet 7, 1210 Brussels (Botanique & Madou)
Website: homegrade.brussels
Facebook: @homegrade.brussels