Inter-Environnement Bruxelles (IEB) is “an assocation bringing together inhabitants of the Brussels region active on urban, ecological, and social issues.” The IEB aims to support the public’s right to collectively define their environment, whether it be political, cultural, ecological, etc. The IEB connects 80 Brussels committees and groups of inhabitants to better the quality of life in the region. The organization provides individuals with access to information such as articles, public inquiries, records, and publications on themes such as the environment, housing, town planning, and more.

Key initiatives

A critical theme of neighborhood well-being, according to the IEB, is housing. The organization recognizes that the need for social housing in Brussels has dramatically increased, but the region has continued to promote private and inaccessible housing. The IEB publishes frequent newsletters on the state of environmental affairs, which include discussions and press releases regarding the accessibility of housing. If you wish to learn more about equitable housing in Brussels, including how renovation and eco-construction intersect with this reality, you can visit the IEB’s housing theme page. See more. 

The IEB provides inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region with knowledge regarding upcoming events in the region. Past topics discussed at workshops, exhibitions, etc. have included “the production of social housing in Brussels” and the “citizen project on the electricity of the future.” The IEB also provides individuals with access to informative news articles that provide personal and professional support on issues such as housing, energy, transportation, and more. See more. 


Address: Rue du Chimiste 34-36, 1070 Anderlecht