La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie works with the inhabitants of Molenbeek in order to improve living conditions, especially for vulnerable populations. It aims to incorporate citizens in order to revitalize a sustainable neighborhood. La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie engages in activities such as renovation consultancy, neighborhood meetings, and training citizen ambassadors who support others with energy and housing related problems. La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie is a member of the organization Réseau Habitat. 

Key initiatives

La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie facilitates and coordinates insulation of homes for residents in Molenbeek through its project, Isoprim. It aims to educate people on the importance of insulation as a means of energy efficiency and cost saving. La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie works with partners such as CREDAL, the ABEA (Urban Center), the CPAS Molenbeek, and Casablanco in order to “audit, install, and invest in home installation”. Project participants also receive support in obtaining energy bonuses and applying for a green loan. See more. 

La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie collaborated with Molenbeek inhabitants and partner organizations to gather various tools and workshops that can be utilized as educational community resources. For instance, it provides “energy” workshops on topics such as boilers, insulation, and electrical appliances. It also provides informational energy games like “The Game of the wheel: Reducing our energy consumption”. See more. 

Two locals of the Molenbeek commune work with La Maison de Quartier Bonnevie as “energy ambassadors”. Energy ambassadors are trained individuals who support members of the community with means to reduce their energy consumption. 


Address: Rue Bonnevie 40, 1080 Molenbeek