With the liberalization of the electricity and gas market in Brussels and other regions of Belgium, MIJNenergie emerged to centralize energy services for consumers to compare prices, contract suppliers, arrange supplier changes and more. MIJNenergie offers its services free of charge to consumers, as the energy suppliers who wish to enter contracts on the website pay a commission. MIJNenergie not only offers people a tool to compare prices for energy, but also maintains a blog where individuals may read up on topics such as energy reduction, group purchases, and smart meters.

Key initiatives

MIJNenergie provides individuals with the ability to compare energy prices among suppliers for electricity and natural gas in Belgium. If you wish to learn more about how to reduce your energy bill, you may enter your details or upload your invoice to discover other energy options. See more. 

MIJNenergie writes articles on topics such as green energy, group purchases, smart meters, savings, and more. This useful information can inform individuals about how to reduce energy consumption. See more. 


Address: Brusselsesteenweg 159, 9090 Melle
Website: mijnenergie.be
Facebook: @mijnenergie.be