Réseau Habitat is a network of nine Brussels associations that are active in urban renovation projects. This organization aims to support all inhabitants of the communes in which the associations are active. Réseau Habitat’s goals are to revitalize neighborhoods by “promoting eco-construction and improving the efficiency of energy performance”. It also encourages the participation of residents in local development. You can visit Réseau Habitat’s website to contact a renovation consultant from a local association, as well as contact agents who will support your integration in local development.

Key initiatives

Réseau Habitat provides information and support to landlords and tenants free of charge who intend to renovate in a way that is consistent with a “rational use of energy”. The network helps in obtaining planning permits, organizing the necessary technical visits, eco-construction, evaluating the renovation of empty/unhealthy buildings, and more. See more. 

Réseau Habitat promotes the involvement of local citizens, especially of vulnerable peoples. You can be connected with an agent who will guide you through strategies of effective participation in the public space and in sustainable neighborhood contracts, which seek to highlight the environmental impacts of various renovation projects. See more.


Address: Place Quetelet 7, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Website: reseauhabitat.be