SamenSterker offers an opportunity for residents and businesses in the Brussels region to save energy. It aims to leverage cooperative group purchases in order to secure the best price for the consumer. With SamenSterker, you register for the purchase of a various type of energy (e.g. gas and solar panels), receive an estimated quote based on your consumption behavior, and accept a personal quote based on the best bidding supplier. SamenSterker ensures that the energy supplied to those participating in group purchases is 100% green. SamenSterker also offers group purchasing for condensing boilers which have a much higher efficiency than traditional boilers, and the ability to sell your fuel tanks for profit.

Key initiatives

With SamenSterker, you may choose the type of energy you would like to purchase, and leading suppliers will place bids on the group purchases during SamenSterker’s online auctions. Once you receive a quote, you have the ability to choose if and when you switch to the winning energy supplier. SamenSterker supports participants during their transition to 100% green electricity, derived in an environmentally friendly manner.


Address: Grasmarkt 105/37, 1000 Bruxelles-Ville