Sibelga is the company responsible for “reading meters and processing meter data in Brussels”. Additionally, Sibelga is the distribution grid operator of electricity and natural gas in the Brussels Capital Region. If customers fulfill various conditions for “protected customer status”, then Sibelga may assume the role of social energy supplier for vulnerable customers. Sibelga provides customers with information regarding the installation and technical requirements for the installation of the renewable energy, solar panel installation. Additonally, it works with the Brussels regional regulator of gas and electricity, Brugel to issue green certificates to customers.

Key initiatives

Sibelga offers its customers Smart Ready meters. These electronic meters utilize smart technology in order to measure real time consumption data. Rather than the use of estimates, your electricity bill is based on actual consumption readings from the smart meter. According to Sibelga, the smart meter allows customers to better track their energy consumption, and to reduce consumption by identifying excessive use. See more. 

The Green Meter portal is available to people in the Brussels Capital Region who generate their own power. People who generate green energy, such as via the use of solar panels, can input their “green meter readings” into Sibelga’s online portal. Sibelga then transfers the data to Brugel, the regional regulator for gas and electricity in Brussels, which will issue green certificates to users who meet the criteria. See more


Address: Quai des Usines 16, 1000 Bruxelles-Ville 
Facebook: @sibelga
Twitter: @sibelga