Wikipower is a collaborative platform which offers the ability to compare energy prices in Belgium, as well as to make group purchases of various types of energy (e.g. gas, fuel oil, pellets, photovoltaic, LED, insulation, insurance). Wikipower acts as the intermediary by forming groups of consumers, negotiating prices with energy suppliers, and facilitating supplier changes. You can improve your energy efficiency while utilizing cheaper, greener energy by registering for a group energy purchase on Wikipower’s website.

Key initiatives

Wikipower’s online tool allows you to compare energy prices and change providers. You simply input your personal data and receive transparent calculations about “consumption patterns and supplier prices”. This comparison tool not only evaluates price, but also “green” renewable energies (according to Greenpeace rankings) and quality of supplier service. See more. 

Wikipower leverages the liberalization of the gas and electricity markets in Belgium by initiating and managing group purchases of energy from designated green suppliers. You can improve energy efficiency and reduce cost by purchasing in a group on Wikipower’s website. See more. 


Address: Rue Natalis 2, 4020 Liège